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The Beauty of Code

December 10, 2016

Nowadays front-end development consists of elegant code and masterful solutions which can be achieved by JavaScript, AngularJS and other frameworks, layouts, rich media, design and many other tools. We will talk about standards, elegant solutions and the latest trends of front-end development. Сomplex things in simple terms, that is the beauty of front-end.

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Dariusz Kalbarczyk

AngularJS Evangelist at 7N / PFA Pension

Skilled programmer with over 16 years of IT industry experience. Emerging technologies and social media enthusiast. Coauthor of AngularJS. First steps, co-founder of the group AngularJS Warsaw. He’s also spent years working closely with some of the biggest companies on the financial and telecommunication markets. In his free time, he listens to music with a little kick to it, plays the bass, and cycles. While working with AngularJS for the past 4 years, he participated in the creation of a cutting edge banking transaction system designed for mobile platforms, and a group insurance support system, among others. His experience with and enthusiasm for AngularJS are thoroughly discussed in the aforementioned book AngularJS. Pierwsze kroki (Helion publishing), as well as videos such as AngularJS tworzenie aplikacji (AngularJS creating applications) and AngularJS. Czysty kod (Angular JS. Clean code).

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Krzysztof Kurek

Senior .NET Developer, DataArt

Krzysztof graduated in Information Technology in 2009 and Economics in 2010. He has been working in IT industry for 8 years. For most of that time Krzysztof have been using .NET Framework and other Microsoft solutions. For more than 6 years Krzysztof was a Team Leader of a development team. He also have 2 years of commercial experience in JavaScript, but do not use it at work now. Krzysztof joined DataArt in 2015 and returned to .NET Framework completely. However, JavaScript remains his favorite technology, so this is what he use when he want to do some programming out of working hours.

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Michał Chudziak

Full-stack Developer at

Full-stack Developer focused on JavaScript technologies. Working with JavaScript applications, using multiple frameworks and libraries, for frontend, backend and mobile, written in JavaScript. Michał has great knowledge about React, React Native ​GraphQL and Node.js. He was responsible for implementation of React and React Native in worldwide projects. Michał shares his knowledge by writing articles, contributing to OpenSource and participating in ReactJS meetups and in the last ReactNext Conference in Tel Aviv.

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Michał Załęcki

Full Stack JS Developer at Woumedia, Copenhagen

Michał works remotely as Frontend Team Leader and Full Stack JavaScript Developer at woumedia, software house based in Copenhagen. He focuses on problems like state management, reducing side effects, progressive web apps, reactive and functional programming. He is a fan of hackatons and ReactJS Wrocław meetup organizer.

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Radek Czemerys

Software Developer at

Software Developer focused on mobile development. After working with React Native for more than a year, he became an expert in making cross-platform mobile apps. In addition to his knowledge of Xamarin framework, Radek has also experience in native iOS and Android development. Always happy to help by answering on Stackoverflow questions, actively participating in ReactJS meetups and in last ReactNext Conference in Tel Aviv.

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Tomasz Ducin

Architect and software consultant at Cybercom Poland

Advocate of modern JavaScript solutions. Experienced in both frontend and backend. Passionate about solving technical and organizational issues. Tomek takes part in international projects from financial and data analysis sectors. He regularly speaks at conferences in meetups and does workshops on JavaScript and JS-related related technologies.

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Valentyn Vynogradskyi

JavaScript Developer at DataArt

Valentyn Vynogradskyi, JavaScript Developer at DataArt with 4 year experience in Web development.

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Alexey Pchelintsev


Project Manager at DataArt in Lublin. Tried different areas in software development, likes gamedev most.


9:00 AM — 10:00 AM

Registration and morning coffee


10:00 AM — 10:10 AM

Opening Ceremony


10:10 AM — 10:55 AM

Michał Chudziak & Radek Czemerys

“From React to React Native – How to start your adventure with mobile development”

React Native is JavaScript library developed by Facebook and Instagram, which was relased as open-source on Github. React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. Developers won't have to build the same app for iOS and for Android from scratch – React Native reuses the code across each operating system. Now just one developer can write across different mobile operating systems. With React Native, you don't build a “mobile web app”, an “HTML5 app”, or a “hybrid app”. You build a real mobile app that's indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java.

11:00 AM — 11:45 AM

Tomasz Ducin

“Backend-less Development revisited”

"It's obvious that SPA interfaces rely on RESTful APIs". But does it have to be like this always? Tight-coupling between interfaces and APIs result in great development issues. Backend-less development is an emerging approach of decoupling the two sides, enabling them to be developed independently. The costs and the benefits of mocking the entire API. The three possible architectural approaches in doing so. Simulating business logic in mocks using plain JavaScript and JSONs. Mock engine examples in Angular.js and sinon.js. The technical and business aspects of separating frontend and backend - these are the topics I will cover. Mock your API and make your frontend truly independent!

11:45 AM — 12:10 PM

Coffee break

Coffee Break

12:10 PM — 12:55 PM

Krzysztof Kurek

“Scope in JavaScript – potential traps for people new in JavaScript”

The goal of the presentation is to discuss the scope of references in JavaScript and highlight differences in between JavaScript and languages like C# and Java. The presentation will have a form of workshop with live programming on speaker’s side - attendees do not have to have their own laptops. We will have a set of unit tests with assertions commented out and will try to fill the gaps to make tests green. Tests will emphasise some most crucial constructions that will be discussed: hoisting, function expressions, IIFE, let, call, apply, bind, new, closure, module pattern. The presentation is addressed to middle developers, but also seniors may find it useful.

1:00 PM — 1:45 PM

Alexey Pchelintsev

“All the good reasons why you don't want to get into game development”

We will discuss roles in processes in game industry: what makes a game and its moving parts, what roles are required to create these various components, and proceed with discussing the process that usually helps in creating them and putting them all together, along with the numerous issues that come up on this long way.

1:45 PM — 2:45 PM

Lunch break

Lunch break

2:45 PM — 3:30 PM

Dariusz Kalbarczyk

“Become an expert in Angular”

This talk will get you up and running quickly, and show you the core knowledge you need to understand and build reach AngularJS applications.

3:35 PM — 4:20 PM

Valentin Vinogradskiy

“Electron. What are you.”

What is Electron. Yes we know, this is JavaScript for desktop application. It is cool and funny. We saw plenty of tutorials how to do Electron. So instead, I tried to gather something interesting about it. How to do Electron with ReactJs or AngularJs, interesting projects using Electron, its pros and cons, ES6 and other things in this session. Join me and find out what a beast Electron is.

4:20 PM — 4:35 PM

Coffe break

Coffee Break

4:35 PM — 5:20 PM

Michał Załęcki

“Getting ready for production like it’s 2017”

It’s a talk about preparing, deploying and maintaining web applications that run in production. I’m going to focus on code optimizations, continuous delivering, deployment pipeline of JavaScript applications and changes HTTP/2 and Progressive Web Apps introduced.

5:20 PM — 6:00 PM

Closing of the conference. Gifts & Networking. The end.




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