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November 23, 2016

Technology changes our lives every day. We can live in a smart home, build our own machines, program robots, launch drones and experience exciting moments exploring the world of virtual reality. Technological progress is so rapid that we can't predict what will happen even in the near future. The IT world is full of surprises and new inventions.

For Visitors


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Maciej Zaporowski

Lublin IT Upland

Professional manager responsible for city and universities relations. I can provide information about academics such as: statistics, number of students, faculties and contacts to researchers. I will guide you through campus and help you find best students to your company. I may help you find innovative scientists to your research project. Privately sailing, gliding and playing drums.

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Aleksander Wojdyga


Software engineer turned to academic turned to software engineer. Since almost 3 years delivers high quality business solutions on Salesforce platform (where you have to develop code) and in Salesforce applications (where you don't have to). Sees a bright future for functional programming languages like Scala or Haskell. Happy husband and a father of two sons. Currently works for a british client, leader in his domain, helping him to customize Salesforce to varios business needs. Drinks tea with milk.

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Maciej Miłosz


A graduate of Technical University of Lublin, since beginning of career associated with Salesforce. At work follower of KISS principle, opposed to rigid software development processes. For him Salesforce is a technology in which one should be focused on built-in functionalities and code optimization. Apart of professional topics, he is interested in offroad tourism, widely understood MOUT and new technologies.

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Artem Platonov


Has passion about game development and growing vegetables.

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Krzysztof Kruk

Lublin University of Technology, student

Krzysztof Kruk is a student at Lublin University of Technology and a manager at Orion Project. He is mostly focused on development of software for the Mars rover. His field of interests can be described generally as robotics.

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Marcin Maciejewski

Lublin University of Technology, PhD student.

Marcin Maciejewski is responsible for supervising Orion Project — a student Mars rover. He designs and implements novel mechanical and electronical solutions. He is interested in robotics and telemedicine. In mean time, he is also a fan of 3d-printing and military hardware.

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Alexey Pchelintsev


Project Manager at DataArt in Lublin. Tried different areas in software development, likes gamedev most.

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Denis Baranov


Denis Baranov is working for DataArt as Solutions Architect. With over ten years in the IT industry, he spent most of them in the financial services sector. He started as Microsoft guy but really fast started to be a technology agnostic. Passionate about banking digitisation and new technologies as blockchain, robo-advisory, machine learning, etc. Denis holds a PhD in computer science from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

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Paweł Niewęgłowski


Activist of IT sector in Lublin, devoted to the technological and economic development of the city of Lublin. Co-owner of the software company DevUp. Co-inventor of Zulu Glasses – the polish VR glasses. Leader of the regional Microsoft Group in Lublin – Regionalna Grupa Microsoft. The main organizer of the conferences: Microsoft Expert Summit 2014, Microsoft Innovation Summit 2013, EXPERT SUMMIT 2015 – All about Microsoft technologies. Member of the board in the press group publishing magazines: belski Programista, Warszawski Programista, Wrocławski Programista, Krakowski Programista, Trójmiejski Programista. Prelegent Microsoft na eventy IT Academic Day. The organizer of the TECHSTOLICA 2016 conference. Supports Google Developer Group Community. Participates in the international startup and hackathon environment. The founder of 4 regular Polish hackathons: LUBOCDE, WAWCODE, DevPizza, Teslathon.


15:00 — 15:15

Registration & coffee break


15:15 — 15:25



15:25 – 15:50

Maciej Zaporowski

“The potential of IT sector in Lublin”

15:50 – 16:30

Aleksander Wojdyga, Maciej Miłosz

“Examples of problem solving using Salesforce Service Cloud”

The Service Cloud is one of the two major Salesforce cloud applications. It is focused on providing best customer support regardless the size of the customer base. As experienced Salesforce developers, we will show the key components of the Service Cloud application that enable fast and accurate user service. We will start with brief explanation what the Salesforce products really are and then we will show a real business problem and a proposition to solve it “the Salesforce way”. This includes the 360 degree view, the OpenCTI connector, knowledge base management and communities. We will also highlight new features that have been presented in last Dreamforce conference such as the Einstein AI helper. For the purpose of this presentation we will focus on business part of the Salesforce platform.

16:30 – 16:40

Coffee break

Coffee Break

16:40 — 17:20

Marcin Maciejewski, Krzysztof Kruk

“Characteristics of difficulties and solutions in Mars rover design”

Construction of a Mars rover may be a difficult task combining several issues of engineering and algorithmic nature. A key for success is to develop a reliable mobile platform under many constraints. One of the limits is communication that cannot be handled in real-time. Therefore, the vehicle has to run autonomously. How to traverse terrain blindly and reach a destination without any compass or GPS? How to grasp a stone? How to run a lab test? All these problems and many more will be discussed during the presentation.

17:20 – 18:00

Denis Baranov

"Closer look at blockchain: from hype to production"

From the buzzword to reality. Everyone talks about blockchain now, but most of that just theoretical knowledge. I will speak of lessons learned from projects in the production stage.

18:00 – 18:20

Lunch break

Lunch break

18:20 – 19:00

Alexey Pchelintsev

“All the good reasons why you don't want to get into game development”

We will discuss roles in processes in game industry: what makes a game and its moving parts, what roles are required to create these various components, and proceed with discussing the process that usually helps in creating them and putting them all together, along with the numerous issues that come up on this long way.

19:00 – 19:40

Artem Platonov

“HTML5 games performance and tricks”

In this talk we will explore the world of game development for browsers and why it makes you happy.

19:40 – 19:50

Coffe break

Coffee Break

19:50 – 20:30

Paweł Niewęgłowski

“VR is for porn”

Live in the world that you create yourself. Visit places that you’re not able to visit in person. Prepare yourself for the travel to Mars and other planets. Experience technologies that will change your life completely, without asking if you actually want it. Explore the field that is unexplored. Immerse into virtual reality and learn about its technological background. The presentation will introduce Zulu Glasses, illustrate the kind of VR devices, show the VR software development tools, commercial use of VR.


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