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IT Trends

October 20, 2016

This conference is for students and those starting a career in the IT industry. We will talk about the latest trends in IT, the ways in which the industry is developing, and what languages and technologies are considered cutting-edge today. We will also discuss what to study in order to be in demand right now and in a few years. The lectures and workshops with examples from real projects will help you understand in which direction you should evolve.

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Anton Sirota

QA Automation Lead at DataArt

Anton has been engaged in the IT industry for over 4 years, and has 3 years of QA experience. He also has experience in manual and automated testing. Anton is a successful mentor and is the author of various trainee programs. In addition, Anton has created and currently curates the internal course for Thucydides automation and has developed a successful strategy for the automation of the process of testing across different projects. Today he leads teams and searches for new architectural solutions with the use of modern automation tools.

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Ellina Azadova

Senior QA at DataArt

Ellina has been engaged in the IT industry for over 8 years, the last 4 of which as a tester. She coordinates the QA Talk Kherkson community and teaches leading subjects at the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering of Kherson State University. She also manages to mentor trainee programs at DataArt and engage in testing conferences (Ukrainian Testing Days, QA Fest, and QA Hackathon), Agile practices (XP Days and AgileBaseCamp), and “Stratoplan”.

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Pavel Knorr

Senior Software Developer at Logicify

Pavel serves as an intermediary between programmers, management, and customers. He is responsible for the underlying architecture and technical solutions of the project. Pavel act as a technical adviser and mentor, and is a technology evangelist and full-stack developer.

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Gennadiy Dubina

Senior Java/Android at DataArt

Gennadiy has more than eight years of experience working in IT. He is a mastermind of the Mobile Meetup Kherson community, and the IT Talk Kherson speaker. Gennadiy also took part in conferences for mobile and web developers, such as DevFest Voronezh 2012, DevСonf 2013, and IT NonStop 2014-2015. He likes to explore new ideas and technologies in the IT industry. This is why he actively monitors new trends in the field of telecommunications services.

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Yevgeniy Safronov

Senior JavaScript Developer at DataArt

JavaScript evangelist. Yevgeniy is an active speaker and participant of Javascript and IT talk communities as well as the CityJS conference. He has over 6 years of experience in software development, UI design, and IT technologies. Yevgeniy has participated in 6 complex and interesting projects during that time. He has a lot of experience in various technologies, methodologies, programming languages, and concepts.

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Alexander Cherednichenko

Logicify, Co-founder

Hello. My name is Alex. I have been changing teams, software projects, and the way people think for my 6-and-counting years of Logicify. I find myself happy when I am building beautiful structures. It does not really matter if these structures are software architectures, effective project teams, or complicated relationships between the client and us; there is beauty and order in all of them. I have changed multiple roles in IT during the last 10 years, including various engineering positions at DataArt, before finally embarking on an enthralling journey of building a small business by founding Logicify. My last year was dedicated to getting a Master's in Software Engineering at King's College London.


15:30 – 16:00



16:00 — 16:10

Start of the conference


16:10 – 16:40

Alexander Cherednichenko

“Development trends in the IT sphere”

We will talk about the modern IT industry and look at its development trends. I will also tell you about what development path a person should take and what they should study in addition to modern technologies in order to be in demand in 5 years (the UK’s IT education system will be used as an example).

16:40 – 17:30

Ellina Azadova

“Popular Today A/B and E2E Testing”

Lately such terms as A/B testing and E2E testing have become more popular. It seems like they are something completely new. Let's see what hides behind these terms, and consider how to carry out these types of testing using some examples, and try to understand why they have become more and more popular today.

17:30 – 18:10

Yevgeny Safronov

“Functional Programming within JavaScript”

The basic concepts of Functional Programming. Why FP is attracting more and more fans nowadays. How FP differs from the more traditional imperative approach. Let’s see how JavaScript implements functional paradigms, which tools it offers, and how it can be useful in your daily work.

18:10 – 18:30

Coffee break

Coffee Break

18:30 – 19:20

Anton Sirota

"Review of mainstream QA Automation tools"

I will demonstrate how to automate functional testing for web sites using Selenium WebDriver, automated functional testing for Mobile applications using Appium, and make a short review of a new tool that allows making automated GUI testing.

19:20 – 20:00

Gennadiy Dubina

“Telecom Trends”

We will discuss the latest trends in the field of telecommunications services and the various types of these services. Let's explore the LTE network from the inside and gain a clear understanding of SIP application server solutions by taking a look at Restcomm Connect.

20:00 – 20:40

Pavel Knorr

"Building mission-critical applications through Akka.NET"

In this presentation, we will review the recent Logicify experience of building a highly available solution for a customer demanding a scalable, fault tolerant system for background data processing. Key technologies: Akka.NET, AWS Cloud, Docker Containers.

20:40 – 20:50

The End




Kherson State University, 27,
40 rokiv Zhovtnya St.

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